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There are over 100 hours of instructional videos to get you started on your Forex educational journey. You'll learn about PIP's, Buy's, Sell's, Patterns, and more. These are the basics of what you need to know when starting your Forex trading journey. Without this information you are simply trading blind.

The videos are set up in 3 different courses, so that you can learn things in a logical manner.

Daily Live Education

Each day over 100 educators in 12 different languages are online and ready to teach you more about the Forex market. There are educators who teach the basics, and other move into more advanced topics.

There are some educators who even run sessions wherein they give you their trade ideas. To be perfectly clear, it's an idea, one that you should analyze and decide if you are going to take the trade. Never trade a trade idea without verifying that you agree with it.

Network Marketing


If you wish to share IM Mastery Academy with others, you have the ability to participate in their Network Marketing program. IM pays weekly instead of monthly. Every Friday you can look forward to your most recent commissions landing in your account.

It is NOT required that you participate in the program. There are approximately two calls related to the Network Marketing program a week. For reference there are 49 educational session in the English-Basic section alone. That 49 doesn't count Advanced, Analysis, 9 other categories of sessions, or the 11 other languages.

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